(Re-imagine education at school)

Saturday, 10th October, 2009

Welcome And Registration

Sunday, 11th October, 2009

School Prayer by CMS Innovation Wing Devotional Song : Ms Shalini Massey


  • “Vision Lead Leadership” and Making Education Meaningful For Every Child by an innovative leader, Mr Jagdish Gandhi, Founder- Manager, CMS, World's Largest City School
  • Welcome and Expectations from Ed Leadership
  • Introduction of Esteemed Delegates
  • Lighting of the Lamp lead by Founder-Manager Mr Jagdish Gandhi, Founder-Director Dr (Mrs) Bharti Gandhi, Co-Convenor Mrs Usha Francis and all delegates
  • What is Innovation in Education? A panel of Experts lead by Dr Robert J. Saunders, Co-Founder, Council for Global Education, USA, Ms Adele Khudr, Chief of Field Office, UNICEF and others
  • Innovation At Work - A Multimedia Presentation
  • Ed Survey Lead by Ms Susmita Basu, Co-Convener, Ed Leadership



GROUP PHOTO OF ALL DELEGATES (on auditorium stairs in front of fountain)

THEME 2 - Education In The 21st Century: Defining Outcomes For Pre-Primary, Primary, Middle, Senior And Higher Education

  • Perspective on Elementary Education with special reference to Uttar Pradesh: A presentation by Mr Vinobhaji Gautam, Education Specialist, UNICEF
  • Is the Goal of Pre-Primary Education Preparation for Class I?
  • What should be the outcomes of Pre-Primary, Primary, Middle and Senior School Education?
  • Methods, processes, attitudes and materials in the tunnel of learning to get desired outcomes
  • Role of Syllabus, Classroom Organisation, Curriculum, Timetable, etc.
  • Assessments and Reporting Teacher Training


Visit to the Pre-Primary Resource Center and the Primary Education Displays followed by tea in the basement

Dinner by the poolside hosted by Dr Vineeta Kamran, Principal, CMS Kanpur Road Campus and informal networking

Monday, 12th October, 2009

School Prayer by the students of classes I and II, CMS, Kanpur Road Campus

THEME 3 - Classroom Management Issues

The Role and Goal of Education - Dr Jagdish Gandhi, Founder-Manager, CMS
Structure, Single and Multiage Classrooms
Classroom Materials and Textbooks
Creating Dream Classrooms – Thinking Critically Timetable

THEME 4 - School Policy And Management

  • YUVA Life Skills Programme: A presentation by Special Guest Ms Rina Ray, Former Secretary, Education and Secretary, Culture, Govt. of India.
  • Curriculum, Syllabus and Timetabling
  • Assessments and Reporting
  • Academic Leadership and Training Principals For Leadership
  • Developing People Skills, Leading With The Heart and Conflict Management
  • Integrated Special Education and Mixed Age Settings
  • How is School Policy Moulded? What are the Parameters?
  • How Can School Policy Create the Circumstances for On-Going Innovation?
  • Importance of School Environment and Ethos
  • Quality Control in Education
  • Summing Up and Question-Answers


Visit to CMS, Gomti Nagar Campus followed by Dinner for delegates hosted by Ms Manjit Batra, Principal, CMS, Gomti Nagar Campus

Tuesday, 13th October, 2009

World Peace Prayer by primary students of CMS, Indira Nagar Campus

Importance of School Environment and Ethos - An interactive session lead by Founder-Manager Mr Jagdish Gandhi, Founder-Director Dr (Mrs) Bharti Gandhi

Innovation At Work - Short presentations by teachers of CMS, Kanpur Road Campus and CMS, Gomti Nagar Campus with their children

Special Presentation - “My Experiences of Yuva Life Skills Programme” - by Ms Rina Ray, Former Secretary, Education and Secretary, Culture, Govt. of India

THEME 5 - Teaching Methodologies

  • Multiple Intelligence, Montessori, Waldorf, Enquiry Based, Indian Methodologies, Which, Why, How?
  • Hands-on Training, Practical Techniques
  • Integrated Values -Based Education
  • Effective Remedial Teaching


A panel discussion lead by Ms Rina Ray, Former Secretary, Education and Secretary, Culture, Govt. of India, Mr Jose Paul, Ms Ashalata Badami, Ms Meher Van Groenou, Ms Sonalika Bhattacharya and other experts

THEME 6 - Teaching Methodologies - Simultaneous Breakout Sessions

  • Application based learning - lead by Ms Sonalika Bhattacharya, English Language
  • Hands-on Mathematics - lead by Mr Jose Paul, Mathematics Expert,
    Ex-Director,Educational Planning Group, St, Xavier's School, Delhi and Ms Aashalata Badami, Mathematics Expert
  • Practical Science - lead by Experts from Regional Science City, Lucknow
  • Activity Based Learning in - lead by Ms Meher Van Groenou, Montessori Expert, USA the Pre-Primary Years
  • Ten Laws of Learning - lead by Mr Steven Rudolph


The decision-makers are invited along with practitioners to join in the simultaneous breakout sessions on a wide variety of topics

Wednesday, 14th October, 2009

All-Religion Prayer by the Students of CMS, Rajajipuram Old Campus

Multi-cultural Prayers and Meditation: As Contributed by the Participants of Ed Leadership

THEME 7 - Macro Policy Framework (For Decision Makers)

Creating the Climate for Change: Making Education more meaningful in the 21st century (Re-imagine education at school).

Policy Perspectives from the Private and NGO Sector in Education: What are the lessons to be learned?

Chaired By - Prof Geeta Kingdon, Chair, Education Economics and International Development, Institute of Education, University of London, UK, and Experts including Ms Rukmini Banerjee, Education Director, PRATHAM, Ms Adele Khudr, Chief of Field Office, UNICEF and Mr Sandeep Pandey, Recipient of the Magsaysay Award

  • Fixing the Macro Framework, Creating an Enabling Environment for Change
  • Vision for Education, UNESCO, GEMS and other frameworks, NCERT Guidelines
  • One Curriculum Proposal, Scrap Class X Board Exams, Government Versus Private Boards, One Board? and Standardisation in Teacher Training.
  • Making Provisions and Creating Incentives for In-Service Training
  • Governance and Regulation in Education – UGC or Equivalent in the Schooling Sector?
  • What are the Gaps and What is the Measure of Success?
  • What Changes are Possible at Each Level: Private Sector, NGO, Government , Teacher Training
  • NGO Sector, What Are the Lessons We Need to Learn?
  • Global Education Model Of Schooling- 4 Building Blocks of Education - Universal Values, Global Understanding, Excellence in All Things and Service to Humanity.
  • Incorporating Cultural Interactions and World Citizenship Education
  • Proposal From Ed Leadership
  • Representation from: Government Training Colleges (NTT, TTC, BEd.)
  • Boards (CBSE, ISC / ICSE, State Boards)


Simultaneous Visit to CMS, Kanpur Road Campus (For Practitioners) including visit to the Primary Wing - Creative Classrooms

Role of a Modern School: An Interactive Session lead by Founder-Manager Mr Jagdish Gandhi

  • Feedback, Commitments and Summing Up
  • Collection of Feedback forms from the participants
  • Collection of e-mail IDs of the participants
  • Commitments and Checklist
  • Discussion on design of future forum events and feedback by delegates



THEME 8 - AWARDS CEREMONY, Launch of the Ed Leader's Journal Awards

Host - Mr Jagdish Gandhi & Dr (Mrs) Bharti Gandhi, Founders, CMS

Co-Hosts - Syed Sultan Ahmed, Managing Director, E-Learning and Mentor

Vote of thanks by Respected Dr (Mrs) Bharti Gandhi, Founder-Director, CMS

DEPARTURE - Thursday, 15th October, 2009 or Evening of 14th October, 2009.