Dr Jagdish Gandhi

Founder-Manager, CMS

Mr. Jagdish Gandhi founded the City Montessori School (CMS) in 1959 with only 5 students. Today, CMS is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's largest school by pupils with over 36,000 students on rolls. CMS has also been awarded the highly prestigious UNESCO Prize for Peace Education 2002 - the only school in the world to be honoured with this award. CMS also organizes 24 international events as part of its unique educational philosophy and hundreds of thousands of children from all over the world participate in these events every year. Consequently, the CMS educational model which believes that "School must be the Lighthouse of Society" and which upholds that nurturing spiritual awareness in children must be the central focus of all educational activities, has grown into a veritable school of thought, impacting schools and educational organisations worldwide.

Dr (Mrs) Bharti Gandhi

Founder-Director, CMS

Mrs. Bharti Gandhi's name has become synonymous with City Montessori School and CMS Teachers' Training College in Lucknow. Her sincere devotion towards the education of children, training of teachers, upliftment of women and eradication of social evils, is widely recognized in educational circles. The CMS which she founded together with her husband, Mr. Jagdish Gandhi, now has over 35,000 students, a Guinness World Record for largest number of students in a single city.

Prof Geeta Gandhi Kingdon

Chair, Education Economics & Int. Development, Institute Of Education, London University, UK

Geeta Kingdon is Professor of Education and International Development at the Institute of Education, London University, and was until recently a Research Fellow at the Department of Economics, University of Oxford. She lectures in Development Economics and her research interests include Economics of Education, Labour Economics and the Economics of Happiness, mostly in countries of South Asia and Africa. Her work is based on micro-econometric analysis of survey data and has resulted in more than 25 papers in peer reviewed Economics and Development Economics journals. She is on the Editorial Board of three academic journals and does extensive academic refereeing as well as advisory work for governments and donor agencies.

Mr Andy Harvey

Andy Harvey has been working in the area of English language teaching for the last 23 years both in schools and training mainstream teachers in Primary schools in West London. He is currently working as an EAL (English as an Additional Language) consultant in the London Borough of Hounslow where there are a large number of English learners who speak a variety of languages other than English. In addition he is working for the cross-London City Challenge which consists of supporting schools in other London Boroughs through the provision of training teachers in how to help the English learners in their classrooms develop their speaking, listening , reading and writing skills.

Ms Dee Loftus

Dee Loftus is an EAL ( English as an Additional Language) consultant for the London Borough of Hounslow . She has wide-ranging experience both as a specialist language teacher and in the area of teacher training. Her responsibilities have included co-ordinating and teaching on the Primary Raising Achievement of Bilingual Learners course for mainstream teachers and co-ordinating Teaching Assistant training in EAL for the borough. Currently, she is working for the government City Challenge programme which provides advice and training in raising standards for schools across London. Dee has previously provided teacher training in India namely at the Bluebells School in Delhi and Anand Isher school in the Punjab.

Dr Robert J Saunders

Co-Founder of the Council for Global Education, USA

Dr Robert John Saunders is the co-founder of the Council for Global Education, USA, founded to promote a global vision of education more suited to the needs of the 21st century and to meet the new aspirations of individuals everywhere.

He has shared experiences and worked with business persons, government officials, nonprofit groups, and academics at all levels in 80 countries on six continents.

After a Ph.D. in Economics from The University of Kentucky on a National Defense Fellowship, Bob went on to become the Director of Graduate Programmes and Acting Director, Regional Research Institute, West Virginia University. After this, he was appointed Chairman and Professor and Director, Center for Business and Economic Research, Kent State University.

Ms Meher Van Groenou

Meher Van Groenou was born in India and received Masters in social work from M.S.Univercity of Baroda . She worked in the B.M. Institute for Child Psychology in Ahmedabad. Meher continued her studies of child welfare at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor completing M.S.W. She worked in Children Social Services in San Jose, California. Meher turned to early childhood education and received in 1986 a Master’s degree from St. Mary’s College in Moraga, California, while directing a Montessori pre-school in Castro Valley. She became a Montessori Teacher Trainer and subsequently the director of such a program. She established her own pre-school in 1991, and a few years later also her own Teacher Training program in 1997. Montessori Institute Of Advanced Studies is MACTE accredited and AMS affiliated. Meher has taught teachers in various parts of the country, in Canada, and in her homeland.

In her presentation Meher will discuss various ways of creating a community of students, teachers and parents in a Montessori School with a diverse culture backgrounds.

Mr Samarendra Kumar

Project Coordinator Regional Science City

Samarendra Kumar is currently working as the Project Coordinator for the Regional Science City - Lucknow. He has also worked in the Kurukshetra Panorama & Science Centre, Kurukshetra as the Project Coordinator and the Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai as the Curator (National Council of Science Museums, Kolkata)He visited USA (2008) and UK (2007) to attend annual ASTC conference at Philadelphia, USA and also visited New York Hall of Science, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC for enrichment of Science Communication in Museum, visited NESTA, London, several other Science Centers & Museums in UK respectively. He even visited USA and UK (Europe) to attend Annual ASTC conference at Phoenix, Arizona and visited The Exploratorium in California and Science Museum in London and other places. He also visited Finland (Europe) during August, 1997 under INDO-FINNISH Cultural Exchange programme. The programme consisted of a 3-week study-tour of Museum and Science Centers of Finland. In addition to the work of the Kurukshetra Panorama & Science Centre, was also involved in setting Maharaja Ranjit Singh Panorama, at Amritsar by National Council of Science Museums. These include setting up of a large panorama & dioramas on the life of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

Ms Susmita Basu

Head, Quality Assurance and Innovations Department, CMS

Ms Susmita Basu is the Head, City Montessori School Innovations Department, vested with the responsibility of academic improvement at all the 20 branches of City Montessori group of schools in Lucknow. With a staff of over 40 teachers, Susmita has managed supervision and quality assurance, trained teachers, created curriculum guidelines, finalized each academic year syllabus and booklists and implemented the learning programmes at CMS.

Mr Steve Rudolf

Education Expert

Steven Rudolph is an American educationist, researcher, TV personality and public speaker based in India . In 1994, he introduced the Internet to Indian schools and followed it up with the first series of constructivist computer textbooks for Indian children. As Educational Director of Jiva Institute and founder of Jiva Public School , he has developed many innovative learning materials for students to help them realise their potential. He is the proponent of a novel concept in education called “Multiple Natures” that is used to help individuals identify careers that are compatible with their personality types. Rudolph is a popular face on TV, notable for his show Discover Your Child, on the Care World Channel and Zee Jaagran, where he addresses parenting issues. He is also widely known for his unique life-skills workshops that have been attended by thousands of children, parents, and teachers throughout the country. Rudolph has served as a consultant to the World Bank, Unesco, the Department of Human Resource Development (Government of India), the NCERT, the CBSE, the ICSE, and companies including Apple Computer, Microsoft, Intel, HP and Wipro. He holds a masters degree in Education from Temple University.

Dr Sunita Gandhi

PhD, Cambridge University, UK

Sunita Gandhi started her first school at the age of 14 for the underprivileged children in her neighbourhood. After completing Class X, she moved to the UK to do A-Levels following which Sunita received three merit based scholarships to undertake her doctorate programme in Physics at Cambridge University. Subsequently, she founded schools in Prague, the Czech Republic and in Hafnarfjordur, Iceland, where she began in 2000 to experiment with and pilot her Global Education Model of Schooling, or the GEMS “Dynamic”. In the 26 years abroad, Sunita has lived in the UK, USA, the Czech Republic and Iceland and carried out educational projects and traveled to 34 countries.

Mr Jose Paul

Mathematics Expert Delhi

Jose Paul is Ex-Director, Educational Planning Group, St. Xavier's School, Delhi. Founder member and co-ordinator of this voluntary group, Mr. Jose Paul is dedicated to the improvement of the quality of teaching-learning process at the school level. He has 17 years of fruitful teaching experience at the high school level. Mr. Jose Paul has conducted workshops all over India for students, teachers, Principals and administrators. He has conducted numerous workshops on methodology of teaching primary mathematics and has many years of experience in concept development. The workshops conducted by Mr. Jose Paul primarily focus on developing the qualities of leadership and personality development for students. For teachers, he interweaves, along with mathematics, the following aspects of teacher development:

  • Teaching of mathematics at primary and middle school level
  • Environment approach to primary education
  • Educational objectives in its use in the classroom
  • Instructional improvement programme
  • Value Education
  • Teaching and Interpersonal relationship and motivation
  • Classroom continuation
  • Co-operative learning
  • Science for primary and secondary
  • Centering education for life and living in an age of discontinuity
  • Multiple intelligence and its relevance in classroom

He has also authored numerous Mathematics textbooks and many resource books for teachers. He is the author of Countdown and Math scope series by Oxford University Press

Ms Sonalika Bhattacharya

English Language Teaching Expert



Dr Charles Branton Shearer

President, M.I. Research and Consulting, Inc., Creator of MIDAS (Multiple Intelligence Developmental Scales)