Little Lessons of Life Go a Long Way

BY SAGRIKA Jul 05 2018

Walking down the green lanes of Coimbatore, I reached Yellow Train School. It is a school cozily placed amidst the farms. I was there to witness the fruit-cutting lesson of the kindergarten children. All around the school building were trees loaded with fruits and vegetables. These were the school's own gardens. Every seed of all the plants of the garden were sown by the children of the school

Expect all good from your Child

BY SAGRIKA Jul 09 2018

Today, when I look back I feel: Only if, had my teacher said that I could, I would have," says Sammy.


Sammy (name changed) was an average student of a missionary school. When she was promoted to class 6, she got a science teacher who was very strict. She was known for scolding and even beating them if they made mistakes.



Roll Call & Registers

BY SAGRIKA Jul 09 2018

She was panting hard! Even though seated at the last bench her breathing volume was loud enough to grab the teacher's attention. Finishing with the day's attendance the teacher began with the lessons.


For the next forty minutes while other children were taking dictations from the teacher, Shipra was trying to breathe normal, drink water and wipin

Colour your Child’s Evaluation Bright

BY SAGRIKA Jul 09 2018

Our tickets to prestigious universities are often cold-coloured, dotted with vague judge mental numbers and the dreaded stamp of Pass or fail — I am talking of results.


Child Psychologists say that for years these numbers have been affecting the belief system of a child. Any student’s self perception is affected by the kind of remarks or comm

Pay Attention....!

BY SAGRIKA Jul 09 2018

felt something on my shoulders and shook it off with a jerk. It was a dead leaf that had just entered from the window of my biology class. Incidentally, my teacher was teaching the features of leaves.

It was peepal leaf, almost yellow with inconspicuous patches of greens on it. While I was closely observing the leaf by my desk, I heard my name being called -- &ldq

My Magic Box of Learning

BY Sagarika Ranjan Jul 19 2018

"Each One Teach at least One” is the magical spell making India literate.

Wiping of the sweat beads from my forehead I was eagerly waiting for my bus to start again. I was travelling to Barabanki– a small town in Uttar Pradesh, India. It was only some few k