A Life That Changed With ABC...!

  By Sagarika Ranjan Aug 13 2018
A Life That Changed With ABC

Holding on tightly to my 4-year-old daughter, I waited in the queue. I was nervous, very nervous. One after another the patients were going into the doctor’s cabin. I was going closer to the cabin too. My last visit – it all came back to me.


“I can’t read this doctor.” He had changed the slide. “I can’t read this too.” He changed it further and my absolutely illiterate being felt the iron rim go heavy on the bridge of my nose. I could not read even a single letter and the doctor said sorry. I was shown out, nothing he could have done.


Seven-months from then, today I stood at the same door. I do not know how bad has my sight gone but I wanted to tell the doctor rather read out to him my A B C D…..


“Kaadira” The assistant called.


It was my turn. All the saliva in my mouth just got soaked. I entered and feebly sat on that chair opposite to the letter-display screen. The doctor did stare for a few seconds and instead of handing over the iron rim to him said: “I remember you. You cannot read. You are lucky. Now we have a technology that can scan your eyes and tell the corrective power you need. You don’t have to do this.”


After some 30 seconds, I firmly said: “I want to read doctor. Now I can.”

Was it with a smirk or a smile, I do not remember but he handed me the rim. With every letter I read and every slide that changed, something with me was also building. It was confidence.


Three days later, I went to collect my glasses. I was told that the doctor wanted to see me. I went in. He was attending to other patient. He looked up, handed me my glasses and said: Very courageously you have completed the journey of illiteracy to literacy. I am proud of you.

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