Our New Reflux -- Comparison

  By Sagarika Ranjan Sep 06 2018
Our New Reflux -- Comparison

It was a Sunday after noon, the family was together - kind of together. ‘Well-educated’ couples from different countries were discussing the best methods of studying and assessment over card game.


Lazily lying on the couch with my pet I continued fiddling with my TV remote, pretending not to listen. (I was 13-year-old). Children of the guests preferred playing out in the sun, while my grand pa sat on the garden bench watching the toddlers play. 


It was routine that gained a little too much importance since I began school. Every Sunday discussion would open a new area for expertise as our intelligentsia believed that acquiring new skills was very important for a successful life.


Today, I am an adult and in my journey of education journalism, I meet many children every day. Some are depressed, some confused and some, the worst, hopeless about themselves and parents come to me and say – I do not understand. Everything was going well. Suddenly his grades started to fall and today he is failing in everything. I tell them my story: During my middle school years, I was introduced to Zumba, acoustic guitar, oil painting, hurdle racing and singing. 


My mother felt that she never compared me to the other children but unconsciously she did. My neighbor bought skates and gradually went to win a local competition, my mother bought me skates. She said, “Why not? Maybe you will like it.” What I heard and what your child hears too – Why don’t you win competitions? I will buy whatever you want but give me something to flaunt about. 


This is the problem. Comparison with others has become involuntary. You do not realize but you’re doing it. It has become our new reflex action.


Decades back, when I was in school this was the story. Sadly, even today it remains the same. In this mad race little do they care if the cognitive capacities of the child will be able to take the stress or not. Nervous breakdown at the age of 10 cannot be just another case! 


Being average is no curse! Let your blossoms bloom as per their exoticness because if a beautiful sunflower tries to become a rose, it is bound to crumble and matter no more!

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