Pay Attention....!

  By Sagarika Ranjan Jul 09 2018

felt something on my shoulders and shook it off with a jerk. It was a dead leaf that had just entered from the window of my biology class. Incidentally, my teacher was teaching the features of leaves.


It was peepal leaf, almost yellow with inconspicuous patches of greens on it. While I was closely observing the leaf by my desk, I heard my name being called -- “Pay attention to your book Annie,” said my teacher in a firm voice. I got back to my book and began underlining the important lines but from the corner of my eye, I was still guarding that fallen leaf by my desk.


That evening while seated at my study table in my home, I opened up the leaf lesson and also took out my patchy pal that I had picked up after class. I noticed the structural nuances of the leaf while carefully tallying it to the descriptions given in my book.


I had fallen in love with the leaf and did not realize when and how all the related information registered into my brain.


One detail was different -- there was a sticky white liquid oozing out of the leaf that I had picked up. This was not written in my book so I took the question to my teacher. After listening to the question, she said that this was not in your syllabus; do not waste time in asking questions that will not be asked in the exams.


I was asked to pay attention in class and hold my curiosity within the bounds of the syllabus, said Annie while sharing her story. Thank God she did pay attention only to the books but managed to feed her curiosity. It helped her find her love for flora very early. A zoologist today, she also discouraged tutoring children into the set paths.


There is nothing better than experiencing the new lessons -- not even paying attention to the boring lessons.

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