The BIG Picture Conclaves

The Big Picture Conclave

The Big Picture Leadership Training Conclaves and Workshops focus on Creating High Performance Education Systems. They create a platform for global conversations that lead to meaningful and effective change in education.

We want to learn how the top performing countries of the world run their education systems. Finland has consistently been one of the most performing countries of the world with their 15 year olds surpassing 15 year olds from rest of the world, being 3 to 7 years ahead in their academics compared to many other countries.

What innovations make these nations academically the strongest countries in the world with very few drop outs and majority of their children excelling? Can their experience be translated into action within the Indian context? How? The participants can go back feeling empowered with both a new vision and practical steps necessary for the implementation of changes so urgently needed in education today.


  • Learn about the latest in educational innovation
  • Lessons from top performing countries of the world
  • The role of leadership when business as usual is not enough


  • The schools we want and how to nurture them
  • Beyond our 'hunches' to innovation informed by research and evidence
  • Enabling meaningful and systemic change

"The workshop was really effective. This definitely improves student learning through easy, effective and interesting ways. We always welcome such concepts and ideas."

"It was a delight to be a part of the workshop. Various strategies taught by you were very informative and 'out of the box'. Already waiting for implementing and bringing 'playground in my classroom' in your words."
Sabita Dikshit, Pune

"Unique and wholesome approach towards education. Total interactive and full participation. An eye opener."
V.V.D. Prasad, Vijaywada