Fellowship and Awards





Fellowships and Awards are our way of saying, "Thank you!" for being an instrument of profound changes in education. It is further to promote greater innovation in education at all levels. Given the urgency of the need for reform, we must initiate change at all levels: from top-down policy to the bottom-up grassroots. Fellowships are given for an idea that is yet to be implemented. The idea may be simple yet one that you feel has the potential to make an impact, improve the way we do education and/or inspire children in one way or the other. • More than 300 schools from 22 states of India have received the Fellowships and Awards since 2009. • 20 policy makers and individuals from across the global have been honoured with the Outstanding Contribution to Education Award. Your school community is invited to participate by filling out a simple form. An idea or innovation may usually take somewhere between three months and one year show case post-implementation impact. It can be related to any level of educational hierarchy -- a classroom, a school, an NGO, a whole district, policy making or administration. It may proposed by a teacher, a Principal, an NGO worker or a policy maker – anyone who has innovated in education.

Fellowships and Awards

Fellowships and Awards are our way of saying, "Thank you!"...

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Fellowship holders are expected to apply for the Education We Want Innovator Awards after they have completed implementing their idea. They are expected to produce documentation including anecdotal, qualitative and quantitative data, videos, PPTs, etc., to establish impact. The awards are decided based on the established impact.