About Us

Re-weaving Education for the 21st Century

We at Education We Want believe that education in the 21st century needs to be radically different from the contemporary one that is based on the 19th century model. Present day demands from education is not to make an individual industry ready. Today, education has to be such that it grooms and nurtures a child and moulds them into "good" and virtuous citizens of tomorrow.

Education We Want is a movement towards inculcating a new model for education that has universal values embedded in its very framework.

We realise that reformation of education will happen only when the change makers are aware of the fact that it is time we flip. It is important to sensitise teachers and parents about the changing topography of education system. Introducing technology or re-designing curriculum is definitely important but more important is the percolation of the understanding that change is the only way ahead.

Our Visionary

Change begins from within. To re-imagine education at school and play our role in expanding the horizon of education. From the cocoon, a butterfly must emerge! All changes begin with a vision.

Dr. Sunita Gandhi

PhD, Cambridge University, UK
Co-Founder, Council for Global Education, USA
Vice-Chairman India Literacy Board
Member, CII, National Conclave on Education, Since 2015
Lead Facilitator-Worker, Global Dream Literacy Campaign
Globally recognized Educator, Author, Innovator
and Researcher who has travelled to and studied
education systems in 38 countries

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Our Mission

What we desperately need is New Education based on a fresh set of ethics. The ethics need to be governed by principles that suit the contemporary education growth trajectory and make learning a process of enlightenment.
Re-organise educational

Re-organise educational content, its delivery and the educational environment to help every child become both 'good' and 'smart', preserve their self esteem, and bring out the best of gems hidden within each one

Spread awareness

Spread awareness about the new and varied teaching methods like inquiry, multiple intelligences, constructivism, cooperative learning, thematic work and others

Do differently

Do differently in order to meet the aspirations and address the reality of the world's children


Re-imagine school assessments, materials, processes, attitudes, behaviour and training of teachers

Bring clarity

Bring clarity in syllabus and curriculum that we adopt at each stage of development - Pre-Primary, Primary, Mid Level and Senior Level