The whole planning and execution of the event was mesmerising. you get a chance to know and learn from people from across continents. The process of learning does not end there. After the conference I am in touch with so many participants and we continue to share and learn from one another. 2018 would be my third year of participation and I look forward to many more years of participation.


I have attended many Ed-leadership roundtable conferences.I feel proud to state that I attended the first one also...The experience at Cms is always excellent and amazing. All the conferences are very well managed and really pleased with the hospitality and care...The way the entire Cms team works to make conferences successful is praiseworthy. I still remember the way Geeta Gandhi mam took the RTE session it was really a very informative experience .The way Dr.Sunita Gandhi takes the sessions in well structured and engaging manner is a real joyful experience. I remember Bharti mam motivating and inspiring us all in the mid of the sessions. .I can recall Mr.Jagdish Gandhi ji's importance of value education is still fresh in my mind...The atmosphere is very helpful, approachable and encouraging.