Cognitive Health Through Education

  By Sagarika Ranjan Aug 30 2018
Cognitive Health Through Education

The child was squeezing the blue sand. He seemed to enjoy a lot – sometimes making a castle with the mold, sometimes just random shapeless blocks of blues. The five-year-old had been busy exploring possibilities in the specks of the kinetic sand in his school’s playroom.


The package box said it was from a well-known brand Hamley’s. It was probably just another business idea of the brand, little did they know that it impacts the cognitive areas of human mind. Talking about this now buzz about kinetic sand in the toy market, the doctors of the mind, psychologists say – it is an amazing for a child’s cognitive health.


Playing with this particular sand can be categorized under sensory play and Innovative way of learning. Sensory play is any kind of activity or play that helps create stimulus in our senses. This accelerates perceptive power of the whole nervous system. It better activates all the five senses of smell, touch, taste, hearing and sight.


Playing with such toys like these, as per researches, also help your child improve their learning, language and speaking skill. In addition to this, the undefined shape or structure of the sand gives a lot of space for the development of the child’s cognitive processing, critical thinking, memory, and emotive skills. They have a better connected brains and grow up to be leaders of tomorrow.


Thesecognitive demanding toys help your children develop better and more attentive brain, say the doctors. All work and no play makes Tom a dull boy stands very true -- Let your children play and they develop better!

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